I am a 30 year-old human male with all of my original limbs and teeth intact. How long that remains the case is anyone’s guess.


I’ve stumbled through my career like a drunk camper looking for a toilet in a field at night for approximately 7 years and am showing no signs of improvement.

Currently, I work for a charity as their resident PR and comms manager. My Batmanesque outside work alter ego likes to visit the gym, climb mountains and engage in silly, often muddy, running-type events. 

I’m also a personal trainer in… training. Pretty soon I’ll be able to help people realise that, actually, a bit of exercise and healthy eating isn’t that difficult – and that even the most wayward souls can stop consuming Rustlers Burgers.

I’d love to grow an excessively large Gandalf beard, but can only manage designer stubble.

I think a good night involves obliteration at the gym followed by 80s nostaliga of some kind.

I’ve just started drinking beetroot juice and I’m not sure I’m totally comfortable with the decision.

I live in Farnborough. It’s marginally better than it sounds.


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