Foo Fighters in Waterloo Station tunnels mystery show

I saw the Foo Fighters at their House of Vans show the other week – oh you know, the SECRET one they played under Waterloo Station before the Invictus Games closing ceremony, that one.

It was alright.

But seriously. I can honestly say it was one of the most electrically charged shows I’ve ever seen. Nothing beats seeing a band play with energy, passion and enjoyment – and the Foos had all 3 in spades.

photo 4

I remember the first time I heard Monkey Wrench – which coincidentally was the first time I was introduced to vodka. At the time I thought it was the heaviest and greatest thing I had ever heard.

From my perch on the garden wall, occasionally shifting slightly to empty my stomach and coat the garden in vomit, I heard The Colour and the Shape from start to finish many times.

Hey, Johnny Park faded into My Poor Brain and New Way Home made way for more vomit. And then another play.

Despite those disturbing memories, it remains my favourite rock album of all time.

Anyway, the day after the gig, I chucked the whole setlist into Grooveshark and re-lived every crushing riff at work, nodding my head along and grinning obligingly.

Some records become boring, stale, as you get older. This one has only gotten better.

I’ve since put together a couple more compilations of my favourite music – Oceansize, ISIS, Jeff Buckley, A Perfect Circle, Everclear, Bonobo, Karnivool, Hell is for Heroes, Nine Inch Nails, Pelican… I could go on.

Anyway, they’re here for your (the mystery viewer’s) enjoyment:

Oh, and here’s the Foos setlist:

The point of this post? Err, music is great.

Yes, that’ll do.

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