I went running

I went for a run last night. Eventually.


Being new to the Farnborough area (I moved approx. 4 miles up the road 2 months ago), I decided I would enter the Yateley 10k last night.

A new race and a nice change to the resistance training, I thought.

I’ll just rock up and register on the night, I thought.


“Sorry mate, it’s full – we’ve had over 1,200 entries”.


I didn’t realise this was the London Marathon in disguise.

Long story short, after an hour of waiting, a Farnham Runner friend managed to get me in via someone else who wasn’t running.

On the start line, I started to wonder why I’d waited around so long to do something I could have gone anywhere in the country to do. On my own. For free.

Good point, brain.

I guessed it was a combination of wanting to experience a bit of community spirit and being in the presence of some like-minded folk – while getting some exercise, of course.

I’m always amazed by the variety of people who enter these events. I was comfortably ploddy and middle-of-the-pack, but the race attracted everyone from super endurance athletes to pensioners and those wanting to lose a few pounds.

A seriously impressive show of willpower and endurance from some.

Not only from the atheletes but the hundreds of people who came out to provide race numbers and marshal the runners.

The human race (no pun intended) can be quite good sometimes.

I’ll probably register in advance next time though.

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